One central quality information portal

All data collected with supporting photos gathered during an inspection are directly uploaded into the Reports portal. QC managers review the reports online for approval and possible fine-tuning. Once approved, the information becomes visible in the stakeholders’ inboxes.

Publish & Analyze reports

Review reports, photographs and comments in the portal. Share reports with suppliers or some photographs with potential customers.

Keep track of seasonal developments and benchmark producers. With QC One Analytics, insights are provided promptly into product performance and other measurables. All data is displayed in clear, customizable graphs.

Faster insights

Be in control and access quality information directly after inspections are carried out. The platform is real-time and provides a fast and overall impression.

Suppliers, customers and employees receive unlimited access to the platform. When your organization grows, QC One automatically scales up to your dynamic business requirements – without any limitations or other restrictions.

Automatic distribution
The platform distributes quality control reports to all the stakeholders within the chain, from final receiver back to the grower. Numerous quality control inspectors and fresh produce traders make use of QC One, are you next?

Request a demo and suprise yourself

QC One provides online and on-site demo’s.