Happy customers around the globe

Happy customer Aartsen

When it comes to fresh, Aartsen goes beyond the extra mile. They offer everything in the world of fruit and vegetables. Literally. Every day, Aartsen makes sure that the range of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world finds its way to their customers. They call this NONSTOPFRESH.

Jack Aartsen: “Our customers demand premium quality produce and at Aartsen we ensure that those expectations are met. The implementation of QC One allows us to guarantee the delivery of high standard fruits and vegetables. Via the platform’s online environment we are able to communicate with suppliers and receivers more effectively, which contributes to the further development of the services we offer.”

Happy customer Greenco

Greenco is an international grower and packer of the most delicious snack vegetables: snack tomatoes, snack sweet peppers and snack cucumbers. Greenco pursues a great assortment of the most delicious snack vegetables internationally.

Maurik Molenaar, Quality Manager at Greenco is very pleased with this new way of reporting. “We will now have a real-time view on our growers’ performance. Deviations in size, colour and firmness are directly visible and can be analysed over both short and long-term periods. QC One offers us valuable management information that supports us, when improving quality.”

Happy customer Valstar

Valstar is a specialist in (greenhouse)vegetables and is capable of supplying the total package. Orders are delivered fresh daily and of the highest quality all year round.

Mart Valstar: “The relationships we have with our clients and suppliers are important, but I think that is valued by most companies. When it comes to produce quality, our conversations were mainly focused on issues. We wanted to break this trend however, and show all available QC data, also when the product meets our specifications. And to also communicate positive feedback, we have implemented QC One.”

Happy customer Mitrofresh

Mitrofresh is specialized in wild and cultivated mushrooms and Asian vegetables. Mitrofresh selected QC One’s QC platform for the quality inspections of all their inbound shipments. The sales team uses the portal to the generate reports and in particular to easily share photos and provide potential customers with the correct QC information.

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