Brix value, firmness, color scale, and weight. When it comes to quality, these are the essentials for the Dutch company, Nature’s Pride. These and many more characteristics are monitored throughout all the processes. A quality team checks them. Since recently, the inspection platform, QC One, has been used to record this inspection data. The app supports the inspectors and ripening experts when they check the various batches and products. The inspection reports are then shared directly with clients and suppliers.

It is a big job to offer 230 unique fruit and vegetable varieties every day. These come, fresh, from 59 countries. It is, therefore, critical to have accurate stock overviews and estimates regarding, for example, ripeness.

Fred van Heyningen, CEO at Nature’s Pride, “Nature’s Pride is a market leader when it comes to quality. We set the standard in the fruit and vegetable market. To achieve this, cooperation with growers and clients is essential. With QC One, we get insight into quality data throughout the entire chain. Using this method, we can raise the quality standard even more together.”

Luco Overvoorde, Manager Process Excellence & PMO at Nature’s Pride continues, “Process optimization and improvement are very important to Nature’s Pride. We work together and with external parties, such as QC One. We want to improve each step.”

“Continual improvement is in our DNA. The QC One app supports this way of working – it is flexible, and adjustments are implemented quickly. We can often do this ourselves without compromising our operation’s continuity.”

ERP and QC One talk to each other

“At Nature’s Pride, a great number of inspection reports are generated every day. Upon arrival, during ripening, and also when batches are being stored. Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV ERP system is linked to our platform.”

“This connection means inspection orders are available in realtime on tablets. After inspection, the results are fed back. The batches and pallets are automatically and correctly processed within the organization. We are, of course, very proud that Nature’s Pride chose us.”

Linking to BI tools

QC One collects a lot of relevant inspection information. This is shared with all the stakeholders. This inspection data becomes even more interesting when combined with other data from the organization.

For this reason, QC One is currently finalizing a so-called BI API. This technical link enables the inspection platform to make a direct connection with Business Intelligence software such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense/View, and Tableau.