As from today, all Best Fresh Group (BFG – Poeldijk) companies started working with QC One’s quality control platform. For the group, QC reports are now available in the online portal and via the mobile app. A full integration with BFG’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows direct input of shipment data to the QC tablets. As a result, the commercial department is actively informed regarding produce quality, and trade decision can be made in seconds.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV was one of the most essential requirements for BFG. The vast amount of fresh produce moved by the group requires optimized processes and efficiency. Mart Valstar, CEO of BFG explains: “The relationships we have with our clients and suppliers are important, but I think that is valued by most companies. When it comes to produce quality, our conversations were mainly focused on issues. We wanted to break this trend however, and show all available QC data, even when the product meets our specifications. And to also communicate positive feedback, we have implemented QC One.” Currently, Valstar, Yex, FV SeleQt and Bio World started working with the software, but soon, our other companies here in The Netherlands and abroad will follow.


Mart continues: “All QC data is gathered and stored uniformly, which allows for improved and simple analysis – and sharing of commercial QC photographs is done with just a click of a button, vital in our industry to trade.” Thijs van Alebeek, Co-founder of QC One adds: “Having QC reports directly available is crucial for our users and can be reviewed by sales and buyers on the go, anywhere they travel. Including the options of setting alerts when specifications aren’t met or new chat messages that are automatically stored with QC reports.”

SI Foodware – Schouw Informatisering

BFG makes use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s ERP software combined with SI Foodware AGF by Schouw Informatisering. The ERP software has been specifically developed for the fresh produce industry. Integration of NAV and QC One allows sharing of information across the two platforms. All inspection tasks are sent to QC One and QC parameters such as concluding grades are returned to keep the commercial department informed. For other SI Foodware AGF users, similar integrations are available.

About Best Fresh Group

The Best Fresh Group is a group of companies that are experts in packing, marketing and distributing fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. Currently the companies within the group are ABC Logistics, Biofrucht, Bio Montaña, Bio World, Eminent, Europe Retail Packing, Fruitworld, FV SeleQt, Sous Fresh, Valstar, Westland-Noord en Yex.

Every member of the group is an independent company with its own specialisation. That is exactly what the name Best Fresh Group means: each company is a leader in its sector. The added value of this group is the advantages that can be gained through total quality management, personnel affairs, marketing and communication, ICT and administration. Sharing that knowledge within Best Fresh Group optimises the benefits and minimised the costs. To the advantage of not only the participating companies but also our suppliers and customers in the long run.