Mitrofresh of Maasdijk is specialized in wild and cultivated mushrooms and Asian vegetables. Mitrofresh has selected QC One’s QC platform for the quality inspections of all their inbound shipments. The sales team will use the software to the generate reports and in particular to easily share photos and provide potential customers with the correct QC information.

Valon Bahtiri, CEO of Mitrofresh, explains why speed is of the essence in our industry. “It is quite obvious, that speed is crucial for every industry. However, rapid availability of professional, relevant quality data is becoming increasingly important. Emailing photos or sending Whatsapp message to your customers is a daily practice. However, in the long run, you would like to review such information, compare suppliers, and further improve your quality.”

Free app

“The days of providing shippers with QC reports 24 to 48h after arrival, have passed. Suppliers and the sales team want to review shipments and the QC data just moments after a shipment has arrived. QC One continues: “Our platform is continuously optimized and expanded to deliver and facilitate information sharing. For instance, the recently launched free mobile app – available for iOS and Android – is used worldwide and is becoming a popular alternative to our online desktop environment. All users of our platform have access to quality information with associated photographs on the go. “When buyers are traveling, they will be kept informed by individually set alerts, for example, when a specific shipment arrives in substandard condition.

Connected with RPO Freshng

Dutch software specialists RPO are setting up a data interchange between Freshng and QC One. As a result, their clients, including Mitrofresh will have the benefit of linking the two software platforms together. This allows them to automatically send purchase and sales orders to QC One from their ERP-software. All relevant data and product descriptions of incoming and outbound shipments are directly uploaded in the QC One iPads.

RPO and QC One already collaborated on earlier software integrations, however with this latest launch, interchange with Freshng has become a plug-n-play solution. The new infrastructure offers many RPO users easy set up and integration. In case you are an existing client of RPO, and a user of Freshng, please contact your account manager for more information.

About Mitrofresh

Mitrofresh is specialized in wild and cultivated exotic mushrooms and Azian vegetables. The owners Valon and Kas operate their business with a team of young professionals and provide their clients with 120+ specialty products sourced from all over the world. Their commitment expanding their business has already led to a buying market share of 72% of all South Korean exotic mushrooms.