Greenco is the largest producer and packer of snack vegetables. For the quality assessment of all her snack tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, they have now started using QC One. At numerous stages, the quality of snack vegetables is assessed and recorded at their growing sites in The Netherlands and Spain. Sustainability and quality are the two core values, and due to this, they have chosen QC One.

Tablets with QC One’s advanced inspection app will replace the Excel spread sheets and batches of loose photos. As from now, all QC related information is digitally and automatically stored, saving valuable time. The amount of admin will reduce and quality controllers can put their focus on actually inspecting again.

Real-time insights in quality performance growers

Maurik Molenaar, Quality Manager at Greenco is very pleased with this new way of reporting. We will now have a real-time view on our growers’ performance. Deviations in size, colour and firmness are directly visible and can be analysed over both short and long-term periods. QC One offers us valuable management information that supports us, when improving quality.

Sustainability and quality

Thijs van Alebeek of QC One continues: “Greenco is a great example, it is a business that actually adopted sustainability, instead of just promoting it. Just of the long-term contracts with production workers and involvement of all personnel in decision making processes. We are very proud to welcome a company to our platform, producing products like Tommies, Sweet Energy, Fred & Ed and Pick & Mix.

About Greenco

Greenco is an international grower and packer of the most delicious snack vegetables: snack tomatoes, snack sweet peppers and snack cucumbers. An innovative company with a modern approach to growing and marketing vegetables.

Greenco is the first and largest producer and packager of snack vegetables. By supplying people with a healthy and tasty snack time, they contribute to a healthier diet. Greenco supplies a great assortment of the most delicious snack vegetables internationally. The flagship is the snack tomato but Greenco is always looking for innovation. The assortment consists of snack tomatoes in several colours (red, orange, brown and yellow) and shapes (round and plum-shaped) but also snack cucumbers and snack sweet peppers. Greenco has several brands and propositions in its portfolio like Tommies, Sweet Energy, Fred & Ed, Pick & Mix en Zwerge.