Jaguar, Ridderkerk (NL) based produce importer and supply chain service provider have recently integrated QC inspections on a tablet. Both the team in The Netherlands and Shanghai use the specifically designed QC software by QC One. During their selection process, Jaguar consulted several of her network partners and concluded after an intense selection process that QC One was the best fit.

During the selection of a new QC management system, there are many items that need to be addressed. Aside the full integration into the organisation, suppliers and receivers will experience this new optimised way of reporting. Sven Thomas, QC manager at Jaguar adds: “And for this reason, it was of vital importance to us that we adopted a solid and reliable solution. With the new software we are able to inform our suppliers and customers more extensively with respect to the condition of their goods. The QC data is shared with the exporter on grower level and within just 5 minutes after the inspection is completed, they will know what the status of their consignments is.”

Speed and efficiency

Thijs van Alebeek of QC One adds: “For Jaguar and other produce importers speed is of the essence. When the sales department is informed timely, allocation of goods can be done more effectively and in accordance with client specifications. Other handy functionalities include sharing impression photographs of produce with end clients via our software, rather than copy-pasting these in emails. Such functionalities allow commercial departments and product specialists to work more adequately and lean.

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Jaguar, the fresh company

Jaguar is a leading brand name for fruits and vegetables from all around the world. Jaguar-365 offers the best quality on a daily basis regardless of seasons. They are supply chain managers with a distinguished offer and a perfected service. Jaguar creates concepts, which deliver the best quality throughout the year. They offer category management, sourcing solutions, special packaging, logistical services, warehousing and quality management.