Xsense and QC One jointly launch a cross platform integration to include vital transit temperature data real-time into QC One’s reporting tool. Upon arrival of a shipment equipped with a Xsense HiTag, the recorded temperature, RH and location data is automatically shared with QC One and uniquely linked to a quality control report.

The interface between Xsense and QC One is the first of its kind and brings together both vital pieces of information that concern the circumstances during transport and produce condition on a real-time basis.


Xsense proactively monitors, analyzes and disseminates temperature and relative humidity (RH) data to all supply chain stakeholders. Xsense alerts to temperature and RH fluctuations from preset thresholds.

QC One

QC One supports fruit & vegetable quality control processes with a tablet and pre-installed QC One app. The application is specifically designed to the needs of a Quality Controller and supports English, Dutch and Turkish.

The vast amount of quality controlled data gathered during an inspection is automatically shared with all stakeholders in the supply chain to provide those with sufficient and important management data to allocate shipments accordingly or proactively consignments. The information requirements can be tailored per user. QC One’s platform ensures uniform storage of QC data, transparency throughout the chain and is time & cost savings.