Recently Cool Fresh has made a successful switch to QC One. All Quality Controllers of the Ridderkerk (NL) based fresh produce specialist process all quality data of im- and export shipments via the QC One tablet app. With just a single press of a button, both sales and purchasing department are informed regarding the condition of delivered goods. The implementation is just the first step in their process of complete innovation and transition.

Niels Stolk of Cool Fresh explains: “About a year ago we decided to further enhance our service level at Cool Fresh and subsidiaries. We choose to introduce a new ERP system, which is even new to our industry. Together with Advisor Software Solutions and QC One we have created a unique solution. Advisor’s ERP software will soon be implemented at all Cool Fresh companies. “QC One’s integrated quality control software is however already operational. Every change needs some adjusting in the beginning, fortunately by now, none of the staff wants to go back inspecting ‘old-style’.”

Smart interfaces

Thijs van Alebeek of QC One adds: “By developing smart interfaces with other software systems, our users immediately experience both time and cost savings. The most interesting feature is the connection with Advisor to directly feed the ERP software with critical QC data, optimizing the decision making process for the sales department. All stock, sales and quality information comes together in one overview. The detailed QC reports with corresponding impression photographs will still be available via the online portal, including PDF reports.

Analytics and big data

QC One’s online platform experiences continues expansion with new innovative functionalities. Aside from the already existing analytic tool, users are now able to export all big data. This allows our users to import such information into their own system for additional analysis. Trend analysis and comparing suppliers, receivers, products and seasons have never been easier.

Over the last couple of months we have experience a considerable rise in demand for solutions allowing complete management of all QC aspects. Our system is implemented worldwide and new licensees are added weekly.

Inspections with a tablet

QC One supports fruit & vegetable quality control processes with a tablet and pre-installed QC One app. The application is specifically designed for the needs of a Quality Controller. Input for QC reports can easily be tailored to the information needs of the user by simply adding or removing parameters. The platform ensures uniform storage of QC data, transparency throughout the chain and time & cost savings.