At Aartsenfruit the implementation of QC One’s Quality Control software has been completed. Quality Controllers at all Aartsenfruit warehouses in The Netherlands and Belgium process produce quality information directly on a tablet. Results of these inspections are immediately made available for the commercial departments with QC One’s online portal.

Jack Aartsen explains: “Aartsenfruit is continuously on the lookout for innovative ways to improve produce quality. Our customers demand premium quality produce and at Aartsenfruit we ensure that those expectations are met. The implementation of QC One allows us to guarantee the delivery of high standard fruits and vegetables. Via the platform’s online environment we are able to communicate with suppliers and receivers more effectively, which contributes to the further development of the services we offer.”

Interfacing with ERP

Thijs van Alebeek of QC One continues: “At Aartsenfruit we have facilitated the communication with an existing ERP-system, which had been developed by RPO. All arrivals with shipment particulars are automatically uploaded into QC One, so that once a trailer arrives at the warehouse, all cargo details are available in the Quality Controller’s tablet.” All shipments leaving their facilities are inspected and undergo a stringent QC assessment.

Report to individual growers

One of the tools QC One offers is sharing specific produce quality information, which allows the Aartsenfruit’s sales teams to send photographs depicting product condition, packaging type, color and markings to their customers more effectively. For exporters it is of importance to inform growers individually with regard to quality performance. QC One enables the segmentation of reports on grower level with just few clicks of a button.

Inspections with a tablet

QC One supports fruit & vegetable quality control processes with a tablet and pre-installed QC One app. The application is specifically designed for the needs of a Quality Controller. Input for QC reports can easily be tailored to the information needs of the user by simply adding or removing parameters. The platform ensures uniform storage of QC data, transparency throughout the chain and time & cost savings.

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