Want to experience the speed and ease of the QC One quality application? It will be possible in the coming weeks at the QC One Experience Days. During these two days, everyone within your organisation can experience for themselves, the ease and user friendliness of how this application works. All of the functions for various departments will be on offer.

“We have observed that many fruit and vegetable companies have had a good experience when trying the application for themselves. The inspectors will get a better impression about how inspections with an iPad can work in the practical sense. It is especially crucial when it comes to taking away fears that it will change the way they do their jobs.” Says Thijs van Alebeek of QC One. The Experience Days are focussed on all departments within the organisation. Alongside the quality control department, import and export; the person responsible for IT can also have a look. The platform is able to be linked to existing ERP packages in the industry.

New applications

Since its start last year, several hundred active users have registered worldwide. Thanks to input from these users, new applications have been added to the platform, such as simple composition of a commercial report together with photo’s. These can be emailed directly to the potential customer together with, of course, your logo and information.

What QC One does

QC one has a mobile application especially for QC professionals where it is easy to process all of the quality inspections directly, on location. The QC One platform gives users the possibility to view and publish quality reports on-line. This means that trends in quality and achievements are easy to recognize. The platform provides comprehensive information for producers, exporters, importers and inspection authorities.